Quality of life is so important. Wouldn't you like to have more time for your spouse, family and for yourself? Wouldn't it be great to organize and store things in a way that decreases clutter rather than adding to it? Imagine what it would be like if you could easily find things and avoid frantic searching and stress.  Could you use more space? I can help you make efficient use of your space, and do away with the feeling that everything has run-a -muk. Together we can create a functional environment that helps you save time and money.  Do you get bogged down each day in an over-stuffed closet with nothing to wear? I can create an atmosphere that gives you boosted daily confidence and leaves behind the sense of defeat your closet and wardrobe may cause you now.  Do you need to Move, Pack, Relocate but feel stuck with the overwhelming nature of the task. I can organize the project and make it pleasant and stress free.

As a professional organizer I am here to make your life better. Together we can produce clarity, focus, increased productivity and functionality while decreasing your anxiety and stress.
Take control. I would love to create a sense of calm in your life and surroundings and provide you with peace of mind.

Every person, every project and every situation is unique. I offer a free initial assessment . Once we decide to move forward I will come to your home and conduct a complete tour of the space/project, from which I will create your action plan. You may choose to work alongside me or to have me work independently, and in the interest of saving time and money I may offer you "homework" projects to complete when we are not together.


The base rate for my Residential Services is $60.00 per hour.

Corporate services start at $300 per session

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15 Meadow Pond Road
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Sensible Sort Professional Organizer -Bonded and Insured