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Kira Coopersmith Professional Organizer

I have always had creative flair and visual sensibility. When determining how to use, organize and display objects and spaces I take a holistic approach combining creativity with logical steps and progression. I frequently test as dual-brain dominant (equally ruled by right and left sides) which makes me uniquely qualified to work with many different clients in the organizing field. Prior to this I studied theater in college and worked as a technician, project manager and stage manager until an accident forced me to make a career change in my mid 20's. It was then that I entered the hospitality industry as a concierge in a major NYC hotel. From there I ended up in hotel room sales and eventually health insurance service and sales where I ran my own very successful brokerage for close to 20 years, (helping people navigate choices and paperwork when in their most vulnerable state). When my husband became ill, in 2016, I decided it was time for a change. Now I am doing something I love that I have innate talent for in addition to years of training in the corporate world. I live with my husband, step daughter and dog in Greenfield, MA . In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors on the trail, in the garden or on the slopes as well as crafting, baking and cooking for my family and friends.

Sensible Sort Professional Organizer -Bonded and Insured

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