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Kira has been an answer to prayers for me. She has helped me sort through piles and papers that I was beginning to think I would take with me, in all their intractable chaos, to my grave! We started by going through my home office which included 10 years of children's school work and artwork, which allowed us to complete the conversion of this space into a bedroom for my 12 year old son. She is now helping me with other house and office projects in my place of work, and in addition to no longer feeling in despair about organization and order I am learning some new habits from Kira. She acts as a teacher and coach as she works, yet she does not shy away from any part  or stage of the task. Most of all, Kira's good humor, supportive personality, empathy, and non-judgemental work style  have done the world for me. As a minister and educator (and former social worker) myself I am so impressed with  Kira's simultaneous knowledge of different learning styles and curiosity about my own needs as an individual.  I think it is rare to meet someone who is BOTH very efficient and organized AND flexible. Working with her has been transformational and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone--I just hope she doesn't get even busier ! :)

Matilda C

Northampton MA

My experience with Kira was wonderful.  Kira is supportive, understanding, personable and all about the work.  She brought the kind of energy to the work that inspired much more from me.

Diane M

Hartford CT

 Kira helped me change a trashed room into a lovely home office, with zero stress and much pleasure.  Her style is low-key--no pressure to get rid of stuff, just gentle suggestions.  And she is a hard worker, hauled at least 15 bankers boxes full of old files down two flights of stairs and off to the transfer station.   I was anxious about the project and hadn't planned on working with her, but her strong gentle presence changed all that and I pitched in without giving it a second thought.  All in all, a gratifying experience.  Highly recommended. 

Wendy S

Greenfield, MA

Amazing and quick results. Kira can make sense out of the biggest mess without judgement. She works quickly and thoughtfully. Thank you!

Kerri K

Southwick, MA

Kira was fantastic!  She has a and thinks quickly, asks good questions and does not judge.  She has insightful ideas for solving problem areas and has made our home spacious and less cluttered.

Julia P

East Hartford CT

Five Stars!

Lisa B

Belchertown MA

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Kira gets high marks in my book.  She is very encouraging and motivating.

Diana M

Ashfield, CT

Sensible sort turned my house into a home.  Life is so much easier now.  Kira set up systems I can sustain . She was sensitive to my foibles and made it fun.  I highly recommend her.

Dave F

Chicopee, MA

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