Part 2- The Buzz about food prep-actual prepping.

When we left off from last week's installment, I had decided to make the following menu for the week: Monday- Big Salad Tuesday- Chicken Fajitas/Bowls Wednesday- Salmon Stir Fry Thursday- Buddah Bowls Friday- Tuna Melt Saturday- Pad Thai Zoodles On Sunday I like to get some basic food prep out of the way to make cooking less hectic on the weeknights. Often the menu choices/days will get out of order. I may have salmon stir-fry on Monday and Salad on Wednesday, for example…all the more reason to do a little prep.., right? OK, here we go … My big salad will have roasted beets, chick peas, cucumber, eggs, shredded carrots, avocado and rainbow peppers. Out ahead of this I will hard boil and p

What's all the buzz about food prep?

My Husband and I both work full time jobs, live with a high school aged teen and own a couple of pets. Our lives can be fairly busy and I am always looking for ways to simplify the process of making dinner. I have seen a lot of buzz these days about food prep. Prepping lunches to save money and eat right, prepping breakfast to take “on-the-go”, prepping dinners and freezing pre-made foods, etc. All this food prep talk has inspired me to share my version of weekly food prep. I have found it saves Time, Money and Sanity- which are really the three pillars of professional organizing. I prefer to prep dinners. In our home we like to sit down as a family every evening and share dinner toget

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